Hometown Heroes Pinup Girl Contest Information, Rules, Regulations, Liability Release.


  ‘Hometown Heroes’ Pinup Girl Contest Information, Rules & Regulations

Must be 18 years or older to participate. Each entry will be considered by Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company for approval. First 50 to apply will be considered. 12 Finalists will be chosen to contend day of the show on October 6th, at Canyon RV Park, Anaheim California. Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company reserves the right to choose who the 12 finalists will be. The 12 finalists will receive detailed information once they have been chosen. All Applicants will be notified by September 17th. Filling out this application does not guarantee a spot in the contest. Contest will be held on the Saturday, October 6th at 12 Noon. Contestants are to arrive at the Mitzi & Co. exhibitor booth for the contest no later than 11:00 a.m. to check in and have their outfit approved by Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company. We also encourage contestants to show up earlier. Contestants are to provide their own attire (bring an additional outfit in case of the need to change), hair and make-up. Each contestant will be announced to the stage by their “stage name” and the contestant will then introduce herself, one fun fact about herself and be asked one question relative to the “pin-up” era. One First Place, Second Place and Third Place Winner will be chosen based on a panel of four judges (two male and two female). Judging will be done in three categories. The first being “Attire”, the second being “Personality” and the third being “Crowd Response”. The First Place winner of the contest will be given the opportunity to return as the announcer for the ‘Hometown Heroes’ Pinup Girl Contest the following year. Award money and winner recognition will be given on stage following the contest.

Appropriate Attire and Conduct:

This is to be a classy pinup girl contest. No bathing suits/lingerie permitted. All contestants are to be dressed modestly. Traditional 1940’s,1950’s, 1960’s style dress is encouraged. (i.e. Pencil skirts and Circa 50’s dresses), and period, themed vintage outfits are also ok. All outfits must be approved by Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company on the day of the contest prior to the contest start. Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company reserves the right to have any contestant change into an alternate outfit (provided by the contestant) for any reason. Contestants must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company reserves the right to remove any finalist from the contest who is performing any objectionable act which is, in the opinion of Patriots and Paws Staff/Mitzi and Company, detracting from the dignity and integrity of the contest and/or event. No vulgar language or excessive alcoholic consumption will be tolerated. Removal from contest or awards ceremony will result in the loss of any and all prizes.

Liability Release:

In consideration of the acceptance of the right to participate in the ‘Hometown Heroes’ Pinup Girl Contest, applicant/contestant agrees to indemnify Patriots and Paws, Mitzi & Co., show staff, event sponsors, Canyon RV Park, Orange County Parks, City of Anaheim, committees, agents, judges, employees and volunteers from and against any and all known and unknown damages or injuries that the contestant and their guests (including family and relatives) may sustain or incur as a result of their attendance/participation in this event and/or contest.

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